About Us

John Fries – Founder


Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, John has called Nazareth home many times in his life.  A 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve, John retired in 2018 as a First Sergeant.   John started flying manned aircraft in 2012 and has earned his private, instrument & commercial ratings and continues his pursuit of aviation.   In 2016, John received his remote pilot certificate and began flying unmanned aircraft as co-founder of Lehigh Valley Drone.


John has a background in many disciplines outside aviation.  During his military service, John served as a military police officer and public affairs specialist.   He has distinguished himself in the field of video production with Anne Arundel County Public Schools where he earned recognition from the Maryland State Senate for producing a documentary video.  John also earned several awards for military video productions.


John has worked in studio productions, remote locations, live events and aviation videography, learning skills outside video and photography.  Set designs, lighting, audio, post production graphics and various editing software are all many of the additional skills learned along the way.


Unmanned aviation is the next chapter for John.  As the new regulations on drones continue to change, you can be sure that John will be at the forefront of these changes and safely operating within the FAA guidelines.








Projects & Clients


Greenway Commons
Boyle Construction

One of our first long-term progression projects, the Greenway Commons project on 3rd Street in Bethlehem was nearly 15 months from beginning to end. Every week the site was documented at each side and corner. Progression photos are valuable to keep investors who are not local up-to-date on the project site.

Airport Road Warehouse (currently in process)
Grace Industries

Progression photos started shortly after breaking ground for this new warehouse facility in October 2018.

Lafayette Football
Lafayette Sports Network RCN-TV

For the past three seasons, we have provided a live aerial feed to the television production of the Lafayette football team games. Careful planning and coordination was taken to ensure compliance with FAA regulations as well as special considerations to integrate the live feed into the television broadcast.

Iron Pigs Baseball
Service Electric Cable TV

Live television broadcast support for Minor League Baseball team. A unique project for unique airspace, this project required special authorization from the FAA as Coca Cola Park is located within 1 mile of LVIA.