Welcome to 610 Drone


I’m excited to bring the wonders of aerial photography and video to the Lehigh Valley.  With so many uses for drones in so many industries, your imagination is the limit.


Unmanned aircraft are in the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration.  Because of this, it is important to hire a company or individual who truly understands all of the regulations and special airspace requirements needed to fly around the Lehigh Valley area.


FAA Certificated Pilots


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Up To 4K Video


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Established 2018


Construction Progression

Keep your team and clients up-to-date on the progress of your site with regularly scheduled photos.

Residential Real Estate

Use the power of drone photography to make your listing stand out and sell faster.

Television Broadcast

Aerial feed can enhance live broadcast events at a significantly lower cost than manned aircraft.

Commercial Real Estate

Capture large properties in one photo with aerial imagery with high quality resolution.


Save time on a job site, get valuable data to create topographical maps, measure volumes and more.

Electronic News Gathering

Drone are becoming the next evolution in breaking news coverage.

Our Specialties Include…

High Quality Resolution

Photographs are 12-18 megapixels and can provide .JPG or RAW file format for professional use.

Live Video Feeds

We can provide live streaming video to social media or for private viewing in most locations in the Lehigh Valley.

Training & Education

Whether flying for fun or flying for business, drone pilots share the National Airspace with other aircraft. Knowing where, when, how & why you can or can’t fly is important. We can set-up a class or direct you to the information you seek.

As a member of the Allentown FAA Safety Team, I collaborate with other pilots to discuss aviation safety issues and coordinate public awareness training events.  If you have a question about drones or would like to host a FAAST event, please contact me to discuss how to schedule an event.

Questions & Answers

Do I need to register my drone?

Currently, ALL drones must be registered if they are going to be flown outdoors regardless if they are used for business or recreation. Keep in mind, there is a difference between registering your drone and being a certified drone pilot. Registering your drone does not give you permission to operate it in furtherance of a business.

How high / How far can I fly my drone?

400′ above ground level (AGL) is the standard. Some recreational organizations allow flight above 400′, but you must be specifically allowed to do so. There is no exact distance set that you can fly from your controller. You must, however, be able to see the drone and be able to distinguish it’s orientation. If you don’t know which way your drone is pointing, you are too far away.

Can I fly my drone at night?

Again, unless you are specifically given permission to fly at night, it is prohibited. You may fly your drone from sunrise to sunset. You can extend your flight time 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset if you attach anti-collision (strobe) lights that must be visible for at least 3 miles. Most stock LED lights on the drone do not meet this requirement.

Can I sell a photo I took with my drone if I don’t have a license?

The short answer is, Maybe. The long answer is: if, at the time you took off, your INTENT was to fly for recreational purposes, and you happened to get a photo that someone asks to buy or is newsworthy, then yes, you may sell your photo/video. However, if someone asks you to fly to get photos of an event or location because they want to post it to their organization’s Facebook page or website, then the INTENT of the flight is not specifically recreational in nature and therefore not only can you not sell the photo, you cannot do it for free or trade either. NOTE: Do not make a habit of “just happening to get a nice photo” and selling it, using the recreational explanation as the intent of the flight, that will only work so many times.